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Incan Group is a commercial and residential real estate development group with over 15 years of experience.


With over 70+ homes built and sold throughout Alberta and Ontario, Incan Group has a successful and efficient track record.  


Incan Group’s priority is to always place our client’s interests above all. We care deeply about making our clients feel like part of our team and we want to build a long-lasting relationship with them as people and business partners.


Incan Group's founder has over 20 years of experience in real estate, project management, engineering, turnaround management, marketing, sales and operations. At our core, the leadership team is equipped with technical experience, leadership skills and the ability to manage all moving parts within complex business structures and real estate developments. Owned and founded by Mahendra Patel, who is 100 percent vested. Incan Group does the majority of our work in–house. This enables us to control costs. We depend on local contractors to install plumbing, electrical, and heating requirements. These contractors have a long–standing relationship with Incan Group, and their work ethic, dependability and deadline adherence is unparalleled.


Incan Group has two key management staff, a permanent job foreman, and three employees.


​Our team works efficiently, in a timely manner, to produce the projects that exceed customer satisfaction. We create value for our clients by supplying expertise in modern developments, as well as enhancing infrastructure for the Canadian development industry. We also build developments as per client’s requirement in line with Built Green Standard.


Site Visits:

Join us on site at different stages of the project development building process.

Efficient Custom Homes:

Learn everything you need to know to build an efficient custom home. Incan Group maintains good standing with Built Green Canada.

We are here to educate you at every step of the building process.

Incan Group also focuses on the acquisition of hotels and rebuild of petroleum and retail sites across Canada which represent growth opportunities. The group has worked with several well-known brands including Shell, Days Inn Hotels, and Dairy Queen.

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