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Dream. Build. Inspire. 


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Residential & Commercial


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Built and sold over 70 homes in areas including, but not limited to Canmore, Fort McMurray, Calgary and Cold Lake  

Sunset over the Mountains


Collaboration alongside Incan Group was a fantastic experience.They go above and beyond in all aspects of development and are focused in providing the highest quality home possible. I was surprised when I discovered how detail orientated and driven the team was in delivering a luxurious home. They took the time to provide feedback on our ideas, provided expert solutions to any of our concerns, and ensured that we were comfortable throughout the whole process of building our dream home. I would strongly recommend Incan Group to any individual in Alberta hoping to create the best home possible. 

Incan Group possesses many skills, but their best trait is the ability to turn a client’s dream into a dream home! I was a first-time homebuyer, and my family tends to ask a lot of questions. Incan Homes patiently shared their opinions and offered a lot of useful information. They consistently asked for our perspective and always inquired about our choice of colours for vibrancy, design specifications, and of course our personal satisfaction. They effectively understood that a home is not simply where you live, but home is where your heart is; and Incan truly exemplified this and developed a home that our Family truly loves. It was a wonderful experience working with Incan Group.

When I was first introduced to the tremendously stressful task of building and designing my own family home, I was daunted to learn of how immensely sophisticated the process proved to be. Incan Group played a critical role in simplifying the procedure and maintaining their high quality; which truly brightened my face with joy. Whether it was a last minute addition or a completely new design my family wished to have, Incan utilized their extensive connections and worked efficiently as a team to create my personalized home. All in all, Incan was responsible for making a home that I could never dream about; which is why I provide my underlying gratitude and thankfulness to Incan Group.

Pedro Ocana

John Hanick

Ashish Gupta

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